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“Delta Pharma’s  headquarters are  located in Albania, serving as the hub of our operations. Our regulatory, marketing and strategy teams work regionally to provide support to local commercial teams in each of our local country teams. This allows each country to have a level of expert support, that is  much stronger than any  local distributor could afford to maintain. 
 Local presence enables us to provide personalized and tailored service on each market. Each country has unique regulatory frameworks and cultural considerations, and our local specialists ensure that it is taken into account. 
By combining our central expertise with local presence, we are have more localized approach than most international players (for whom South Balkans is just a part of larger region), but also more international and robust than distributors from individual countries.”

We offer a full scope of Regulatory Affairs Support from development of submission strategies, to following up with the Authorities.

Gerta Cara

DRA & QA Director

Sales & Marketing

Our team consists of dedicated medical and pharmacy representatives, call center operators, and specialized key account managers (KAMs). These professionals are highly trained and equipped with deep knowledge of our products and therapeutic areas. They are ready to engage with HCPs, provide valuable information, and address any queries or concerns. 
By fostering strong relationships and open lines of communication, our field force teams can better understand the needs of HCPs and tailor our solutions to meet those needs effectively. In addition, we have specialized personnel who are experienced in handling hospital products, such as participating in tenders or securing placement on hospital reimbursement lists. 
While medical teams provid HCPswith the necessary support to enhance patient care, our distributio teams work with pharmacies and pharmacy chains, to ensure availability of products and provide optimized stock management.

Storage & Distribution

By leveraging Delta Pharma’s Automated Warehouse Management and Delivery System, pharmaceutical companies can benefit from streamlined processes that ensure safe and prompt delivery of their products. The system’s capabilities in order processing, tracking, and traceability provide valuable insights and transparency throughout the supply chain.  Ensuring the right storage conditions is crucial for maintaining the integrity and efficacy of medicinal products.

Delta Pharma’s commitment to storing products in appropriate conditions helps preserve their quality and safety until they reach the end customer. 

Partnering with Delta Pharma allows pharma companies to reach a broader market and increase their product availability, benefiting healthcare providers and patients who rely on timely access to medications.”

Regulatory Affairs

Delta Pharma takes pride in offering comprehensive Regulatory Affairs (RA) support to pharmaceutical companies. Our regional and local RA teams develop and execute RA strategies tailored to client’s specific needs. Our services encompass the entire regulatory process, from preparing submissions to engaging with regulatory authorities. 
Once marketing authorization (MA) is obtained, our teams continue to assist clients by applying for appropriate funding opportunities. This includes activities such as reimbursement list applications, participation in tenders, or bidding for inclusion in drug programs. 

Throughout our RA activities, we maintain the highest standards of compliance, adhering to relevant regulations and guidelines. Our experienced team, equipped with deep understanding and extensive experience in local markets, contributes to our high success rate in achieving regulatory approvals and securing funding opportunities.