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CEO-s Speech

We firmly believe in conducting our business with solid transparency and commitment to the highest ethical standards. We work in accordance with EU and US codes of conduct to ensure that the trust of patients, partners, HCPs, shareholders, and the society we serve is not misplaced. The organization is dedicated to delivering safe and high-quality medicines to patients. The integrity of the Company starts with individual responsibility and is the basis for an ethical and sustainable business.


Compliance & Ethics

We steadfastly prioritize transparency in our dealings with both customers and partners. Our success hinges on the bedrock of expertise, professionalism, and steadfast adherence to both legal requirements and ethical principles. As a testament to our commitment, Delta Pharma proudly holds membership in the Pharmaceutical Business Union in Albania, actively championing the cause of ethical business conduct.

Our Code of Conduct is a guide to help us achieve our goals with integrity.
Everyone should turn to it whenever face an uncertain ethical decision or
witness behavior that might violate our standards or the law.


This code applies to all employees, contract employees, officers, and directors. Delta Pharma-AL also expects that our suppliers, agents, business partners and consultants will follow similar principles. Integral to our policy framework is the Anti-Bribery policy, which unequivocally prohibits bribery.

This policy delineates the rules and principles governing its implementation, addressing various facets such as the manifestations of corruption and its correlation with relevant laws. Applicable to all DELTA PHARMA employees and their collaborators, this policy establishes a clear stance against bribery and outlines the guidelines for compliance.


At Delta Pharma Adria, we take a zero-tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. If you have concerns or questions regarding compliance and ethics, you can contact us immediatly.

Email us now:

Delta Pharma Adria Headquarters.
Tiranë-Durrës Highway 3rd km,
Mëzez Tirana


Pharmacovigilance stands as a pivotal function within the life of a pharmaceutical company. Adherence to stringent regulations, particularly those prioritizing patient safety and the therapeutic benefits of drugs, is imperative for drug commercialization. Ensuring patient safety is our top priority. We are dedicated to monitoring and assessing the safety of our products. Your collaboration and feedback are invaluable in helping us to ensure the continued safety and efficacy of our products. If you experience any adverse events or have concerns about our products, please report them or send an email at

Reporting Incidents

If you become aware of any violation of the Company’s Code of Conduct and Policies, you can report your complaint to your manager/supervisor, or contact us directly through the below channel of communication or via email: Your report will be treated as confidential.

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Side Effects

In case of adverse events related to drugs, medical devices, food supplements or cosmetic products, marketed by our company, please send your report below or via email at You may also contact us though the phone number(s) listed in the contact section. Pharmacovigilance Department will contact you for the details. Your report will be treated as confidential.

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“Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is an integral component of our corporate social responsibility.

‘Deltapharma Albania is dedicated to addressing environmental impact, promoting social well-being, and upholding high governance standards in our operations. Through our ESG initiatives, we strive to create sustainable value for our stakeholders and contribute positively to the broader community. Deltapharma Albania has already taken the first steps in the right direction by implementing this framework.”


In Albanian and the surrounding region, the “GOGREEN” initiative represents a significant challenge that we are actively promoting and seeking to expand across all the areas where we operate. Explore and invest in electric or hybrid delivery vehicles to further reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to the adoption of cleaner and more sustainable transportation alternatives is our main focus in the near future!

Gender Equality

We are really honored to Officially align #ourvalues with Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), a program established by UN Women and UN Global Compact.

For us, empowering women is not merely a slogan but a deeply ingrained belief that has guided our actions over the past two decades of operating in Albania and the broader region.

Our Management Board has consistently championed the cause of women’s empowerment, within our organization and beyond.