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What moves us forward is our people!

Our 450 employees. Every day, each of them put their effort and dedication to make a difference in evereyone's wellbeing.

About Us

Delta Pharma Adria is a prominent player in the South Balkans region, specializing in regional distribution and contracted sales services for pharmaceutical manufactures. With its headquarters in Tirana, Albania Delta Pharma covers a wide market including Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, and North Macedonia. As the leading pharmaceutical company in the region, Delta Pharma is known  for its innovation, advanced technology, and customer-centric. The company’s product range include Innovative, Generic, and Biologic medicines, as well as OTC products, Food Supplements, and Medical Devices. Delta Pharma has established an exceptional reputation as a trusted and efficient  partner among both external collaborators and internal stakeholders.

Our History

Delta Pharma Adria has ermeged as a leading and forward-thinking pharmaceutical
company in the South Balkans, driven by innovation, reliability, and exceptional
service to its costumers and partners.



It all began in 2002 in Shkodra, a city located in the North Region of Albania, with the establishment of Curri Pharma. Here, the founders of the company set up a small pharmaceutical distributor which brought a revolution in the Pharmaceutical industry of that time as it introduced a delivery service distribution.


In 2007, the first important agreement for Delta Pharma with a Multinational Pharmaceutical company was signed, starting this way the tansformation in one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Albania. Year after year, the company diversified the portfolio with mass consumer health products as well.


In 2013, Delta Pharma started its expansion abroad by bringing innovation and its experience in Kosova, aimed to be affiliated soon as well in other countries of the region.


In 2018, after a substantial investment and with the assistance of the Schaffer group, Delta Pharma implemented a Automated Warehouse Management and Delivery System ensuring this way that the orders are processed fast, safe and are traceable at all times, until the delivery to the client.


In 2019, in a strategic move, Delta Pharma acquired the majority of the shares of the oldest distributor in Albania, a historical partner of a Multinational Pharmaceutical company in our country. In addition, in 2019 our affiliate in Bosnia-Herzegovina was set up, ensuring our further spread in the Balkans.


In 2021, in a strategic move, Delta Pharma acquired the majority of the shares of the oldest distributor in Albania, a historical partner of a Multinational Pharmaceutical company in our country. In addition, in 2019 our affiliate in Bosnia-Herzegovina was set up, ensuring our further spread in the Balkans.


In 2022, our company achieved remarkable success, marked by an impressive double-digit growth that reflects our commitment to excellence. We take pride not only in expanding our territory but also in consistently achieving substantial growth year after year. This year’s extended memorandum highlights significant episodes of sustained double-digit growth within our group. Furthermore, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our team, a testament to our continuous dedication to fostering talent and expertise. Our success story in 2022 is not just about numbers, it’s about building a stronger, more dynamic team that propels us towards even greater achievements in the future.

Our Vision Towards Future!

Our vision was always to become a pioneer
in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our vision is to revolutionize the pharmaceutical distribution industry by costantly pushing boundaries, embracing cutting-edge technology, and redefining the way medicines and healthcare products are delivered to customers. We strive to be at the forefront of innovation, setting new standards of excellence and efficiency.

Management Board

Szymon Komorowski

Strategy Director

Szymon is an experienced expert in life sciences and pharmaceuticals, with track record in strategy development, M&A, commercial turnaround, multichannel marketing, RWE, patient pathways and healthcare policy. He is in charge on Business Development, as strategic adviser and planner in the pharmaceutical sector with focus on Exploration/Oversight of new directions.

His role is pivotal in shaping our company's strategic vision, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of industry advancements. Szymon's dedication to innovation and his keen understanding of the pharmaceutical landscape make him an invaluable asset as we navigate new opportunities and challenges.

Eduard Curraj

CEO & Founder of Delta Pharma Adria

Eduard Curraj is the CEO and founder of Delta Pharma Albania. He finalized the studies on pharmaceutical science in Tirana University in 1997. The difficult period that the country was facing when Eduard graduated, inspired him to start thinking to build not only a better future for his own,
but also the future of an entire generation helping the country to move forward in the right direction The passion for the pharmaceutical sector, encouraged him to be focused in this sensitive area and build an example for other business people as well. In 2002, he funded and established Curri Pharma in the North Region of Albania and in a very short time became the most important distributor of that region.

The experience on the North Region of Albania, inspired on the vision of a bigger step forward, such as the creation of the Delta Pharma, that started operating as a secondary distributor. This led into an agreement with a Multinational Pharmaceutical company and all these together set Delta as the biggest Pharmaceutical Company in Albania.
Eduard together with his team will continue to give their support and contribution to the pharmaceutical sector in the country and more over in the Balkan Region, by delivering qualitative and affordable medicines to the ones in need.

Dorian Sadiku

Chairman of the Management Board – Delta Pharma Adria

Mr. Dorian Sadiku the esteemed Chairman of the Management Board at Delta Pharma Adria, is a visionary leader and with a distinguished career into the field, he has consistently demonstrated unparalleled expertise and an unwavering commitment to advancing healthcare solutions. Under his leadership, Delta Pharma Adria has achieved remarkable growth in all region, setting new standards in pharmaceutical innovation and patient care.

Mr. Sadiku is dedicated to pioneering groundbreaking innovations that improve the quality of life for patients and he also aims to lead the company in harnessing the power of science and technology to address the most pressing medical challenges of our time. Mr. Dorian is committed to researching and developing pharmaceutical outcomes to alleviate and improve the healthcare environment. He ensures that life-saving medications and therapies are accessible to patients by upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, transparency, and corporate responsibility in all aspects of Delta Pharma's operations. Mr. Sadiku is employee oriented as well. He recognizes the vital role employees play in the company’s success and is committed to ensure a collaborative and inclusive work environment that empowers and inspires each and every team member.

Ewa Maria Kokot

Project Manager

Armed with a Master's degree in Economy and an MBA in Management, Ewa is the driving force behind project development at our company. Leveraging her extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she has been entrusted with the management and strategic consulting of key projects at Delta Pharma since 2019.

Ewa specializes in crucial aspects of project management, including budgeting, planning, KPI setting, and data management. Her expertise extends to the meticulous analysis of project feasibility and profitability, a responsibility she executes with precision and dedication. With Ewa at the helm, we have confidence in her ability to steer our projects towards success. Her strategic insights, coupled with a keen eye for detail, ensure that our initiatives not only meet but exceed industry standards.
Eduard Curraj
Dorian Sadiku
Szymon Komorowski
Ewa Maria Kokot

Lindita Tema


Fatih Kefel

Commercial Director

Dorjana Avrami

Marketing Director

Gerta Cara

DRA & QA Director

Paulin Kodra


Rigersa Disha

Business Analyst Director

Michał Marek Kulikowski

BD Executive Director

Teodora Pasic

GM Delta Pharma Bosnia&Herzegovina

Arta Gerbeshi

GM Delta Pharma Kosova

High Management Team


Delta Pharma has a comprehensive portfolio that spans across various therapeutic areas, offering a wide range of products to address diverse healthcare needs. In addition to therapeutic medicines, we also provide solutions in the fields of general medicine, over-the-counter (OTC) products, and cosmetics.

Therapeutic Area

General Medicine

OTC & Cosmetics