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Tumor diseases have turned into epidemics!

Every year 5500 new cases.

On the International Day Against Cancer, the growing numbers of those affected by tumor diseases are also reported.

According to statistics from the Institute of Public Health, 5,500 new cases of cancer are diagnosed each year.

The most widespread cancer among the citizens in our country is that of the lungs. There are 777 new cases of lung cancer each year. Referring to official data, it turns out that men are most affected by lung cancer.

Even men are affected four times more often than women.

After lung cancer the most common is that of breast. Breast cancer affects about 700 women every year. Breast cancer also affects men, but their risk is lower.

In Albania and not only, tumor diseases are an alarm bell, as they are the second leading cause of mortality. But, if diagnosed in time some of them have no fatal consequences.

1/3 of tumor diseases can be prevented, says scientific studies.

According to the latest data, reported by Ishp, during 2020 alone, 3800 citizens lost their lives due to cancer. This figure has been increasing from year to year.

Year 2016 —- 3571 deaths

Year 2017 —- 3645 deaths

Year 2018 —- 3695 deaths

Year 2019 —- 3583 deaths

Year 2020 —- 3800 deaths

The highest number of deaths was caused by lung cancer, followed by stomach cancer and liver cancer.