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What are the symptoms that appear in a patient with COVID-19?

Although half a year has passed since the first case of COVID-19 was officially declared, its symptoms are still not clear to everyone. In one person the COVID-19 virus is not very aggressive or shows mild symptoms, but there are cases without symptoms. Another shows severe complications.

Physicians who follow patients with COVID-19 classify them into: mild, moderate and severe forms.

Easy Form:
Symptoms: fatigue, temperature up to 38 degrees Celsius, dry cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, arthromyalgia.CT radiograph does not show pneumonia.The patient is treated at home.

Medium form
Symptoms: rupture, fever lasting up to 5 days, cough, myalgia, pronounced respiratory signs.CT radiograph reveals pneumonia.The doctor evaluates whether the patient should be treated in hospital.

Severe form
Symptoms: tachypnea, respiratory rate 30 beats per minute.Sat O2 93% in ambient air.Pulmonary CT / CT scan, progression of pulmonary lesions over 50% within 24-48 hours.

Very severe form
Symptoms: marked respiratory failure, the appearance of shock, insufficiency of other organs leading to the treatment of the patient in intensive therapy.