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Allergists say that most of these patients are not affected by the virus, or even those who have come in contact have passed it very easily. According to doctors, this is explained by the fact that the receptor, which absorbs the Covid virus in the lungs of an allergic is at a very low level.
The response of allergists seems to be clear and concise. “Any person with past allergy episodes or chronic allergic disease should be vaccinated.”
But beware! Determining the type of vaccine that a chronically ill person should receive belongs to the health personnel, who in the form drafted by the IPH classify the patient at the appropriate level of allergic problems, according to the forms he shows. If the allergic patient shows severe forms he should not apply RNA vaccine.
Meanwhile, an allergic patient also has some more sophisticated observation rules when vaccinated by health personnel. An allergic patient must be monitored by a doctor after vaccination and must not leave residential areas for 48 hours. The vaccine for allergic persons is not prohibited in any case.